Business Process

Modeling Types
Modeling is an efficient and effective way to represent the organization's needs; It provides information in a graphical way to the members of an organization to understand and communicate the business rules and processes. Business Modeling and Data Modeling are the two important types of modeling.

Modeling Methods
IDEF is an acronym for Integrated Definition

IDEF0 is a method used in Business Process Modeling, designed to model the decisions, actions and activities of an organization or system. Diagrams are based on simple box with arrow graphics and text labels.

Business Process
Business processes are a set of activities involved within or outside an organization that work together to produce a business outcome for a customer or to an organization

Business Process Tools
BPM Tools
Business Process Management(BPM) Tools are used to create an application that is helpful in designing business process models, process flow models, data flow models, rules and also helpful in simulating, optimizing, monitoring and maintaining various processes that occur within an organization.

Business Process Management
Business Process Management, a set of activities, is essential for a new or existing business in a way that it helps an organization to optimize current business processes and future organizational and operational changes.

Advantages of BPM
Business Process Management
Business Process Management has been implemented in many organizations in order to leverage the automation of existing and future business processes. BPM is a key to maximize an organization's ROI(Revenue of Income), Quality and service provided to the customers. Growing popularity of BPM tools and the need for automation of business process in today's business world turns many companies to go for BPM.

Business Process Re-engineering
Quite often it is necessary for an organization to revise and re-examine it's decisions, goals, targets etc., in order to improve the performance in many ways and this activity of re-engineering is called as Business Process Re-engineering which is also known as Business Process Re-design or Business Process Improvement.

Business Process Modeling
Business process modeling is a collection or group of related activities or business processes that produce a specific service or product. Business processes are visually represented as diagrams of simple box with arrow graphics and text labels, better known as Business Process Models

Business Process Modeling Tools
Business Process Modeling Tools are used to create business process models, process flow models, and data flow models.

Business Process Modeling Example
As we know, a business process modeling is a collection or group of related activities or business processes that produce a specific service or product.

Process Flow Modeling Process Flow Modeling is used to graphically describe the various processes that happen in an organization and the relationships between them.

Data Flow Modeling
In Business Process, DFD is a top-down approach, that focuses on the flow of data between various Business Processes and helps to capture & document the movements within a business or organization. Business process DFDs were created for the purpose of developing application softwares and they describe about the data sources, destinations, flows, data storage and transformations. DFD contains five basic constructs namely: activities(processes), data flows(arrows), data stores, external references and physical resources.

An organization performs several business processes, route tasks of business processes to employees, systems, within an organization and across the organization (Business to Business transactions - B2B) to achieve it's goals or objectives and most of the processes are handled manually in many cases.

Activity Monitoring Business Activity Monitoring component is one of the features of BPM tool that provide monitoring, aggregation, analysis, measurement and presentation of business activity results to the executives or whoever needs to take better decisions.s