Business Intelligence tools (or Business Analytics software) provide companies reliable information and true insights in order to improve decision making & social collaboration. With business intelligence software you’ll be able to produce much better company results. The BI tools provide the means for efficient reporting, thorough analysis of (big) data, statistics & analytics and dashboards displaying KPIs.

Bring your company data to life and perform better by combining, analyzing and visualizing all that data very easily with Business Analytics software. The BI Labs BI Solutions will help you to see and understand the success factors of your business more quickly. And where things (might) go wrong and where you need to make adjustments. They give employees and managers the possibility to improve business processes on a daily basis by using correct information and relevant insights
The Benefits of BI Labs BI Solutions:
• Improves the overall performance of your organization, departments and team.
• Make fact-based decisions without neglecting the intuition of experienced employees.
• Enhance the business processes in the organization using the right visualizations.
• Easy monitoring and reporting of your genuine KPIs using role-based dashboards.

BI Labs Capabilities in BI reporting:
BI reporting tools:
Business Objects
Cognos Analytics
Microsoft BI
  Oracle BI (OBIEE)
Pentaho BI